Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Poems from Tony Hanes

"1977" by Tony Hanes (Dedicated to my Mother) Dec 06
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Yeah...1977 my mom died and I was less than 2 years old....the last poem in Abstract World Vol.1 was dedicated to her and it was called "Your Face Is A Mystery" so if you saw the book you know what it was like so here is one off the dome for her as I sit here an look at her picture.........This will be added to Vol.2 this fall.


...Only five years after the Vietnam War there was another battle starting to erupt on the soils of your soul. ..I hid behind the infantry as the enemy set to plot an ambush that would weaken your immune system....shots fired...we ducked....we ran...we tried to hide but our destiny as a team would not embrace the future...this is torture....this is the aftermath of a Nuclear explosion....I am the remains...tainted....without times ...without direction...without that hug that allows me to fight off villains from foreign lands...or demons that reside on my left shoulder as I drink the "devils nectar" 30 years later....a six month war ended in an injury that was fatal...I only saw you again in my dreams....I only saw you again when I looked in the mirror of the scars retrieved through heavy artillery...they hurt...they stabbed me in the back like the Great Pearl Harbor or better yet....a queen called Katrina because my captain floated away with no life preserver....she was my life preserver....she was the reason I learned to swim now water is my nemesis...maybe I'm selfish because I'm not feeling this....27 year old trooper died in battle...died before I could walk....died before I could sing.....died before I could my silence is like automatic comes in comes with an iron lung that screams at the beast that took her life...1977 Heaven might have retrieved an angel from earth camp became open for more attacks when the leader fell with the flag....I tried to pick it up but at 16 months....its was too was too was something that I didn’t quite understand.........I never heard of Chemotherapy...So I sit here on the hill with a photo and a cup of "Sorrow" that’s is filled to the top and ........I remain thirsty..........but my armor is still Strong........

God bless you Nancy Hanes 1950-1977 R.I.P

(Copyright @ 2006 Tony Hanes)

Here is the one from the book done over a year ago...

Your Face is a Mystery...

I tossed and turned in your womb
The world was a mystery

Life was a maze that I didn't know existed
A few more weeks and my travel would begin
When and where it ends I have not a clue
One thing I do know to be true
You loved me

I don't remember tasting any toxins from
Bad habits through bad advice or just living long days and short nights
I do remember how gentle your rubs pushed
Against the walls that protected my life
Why did you leave so soon?
Once the bright lights hit my weak eyes
You died a year later and I could barely SEE

Tony Hanes...27 years wasn't long enough on this earth mom.....peace


Love Warrior. Kalonia said... a mother of three beautiful boys... I reach my arms out to hug and hold a man that is without the tender arms of a Mother.. I reach out not to replace that touch but to add to the many arms that have reached out to you to ease the void... The universe does not accept voids...and I will add a drop to the already flowing waters... This is beautiful

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